Version 0.0.5

Version 0.0.5 is a big update.

Main menu and Game over screen are now in the game. Also the resolution has been changed from 480x320 to 640x360. The visual style has been improved with a CRT screen look.
The player physics had been rewritten. Player can now be stomped if a enemy fall on it. New retro crt style  render. 

Removed run button(will add it back in next version)

Skeletons and Cactus health is nerfed.

Platforms now got 4 types, Weight platform(move only with player on it), Automatic, Toggelable and Static

The desert map is bigger and contain a slopes now. Levels now has parallax background.
New Desert enemy The sand worm. It will jump out of the ground when you're close to him.

New map The forest. Its empty for the moment New enemies are coming in 0.0.6

Here is the changelog

Version 0.0.5
-Fix: Game over timer reset when player is damaged after death
-Fix: Ingame Pause Menu buttons are now working
-Fix: Enemy are not colliding with each other anymore
-Fix: Layers in 3rd house were not in the right order
-Fix: unable to load level on Linux
-Fix: Spawn position keep the last coord now reset on new game
-Fix: Pause menu not working
-Change: Skeletons health nerf 10HP to 1HP
-Change: Cactus health 6HP to 2HP
-Main Menu
-Main Menu Music
-Game Over Screen
-Player can now be stomp by skeletons if they fall on it
-Dialog box are now transparent
-Added slopes in the desert
-Added parallax background in level 1
-Changed resolution from 480x320 to 640x360 for better screen scaling
-Ui element themed
-Skeletons are now changing direction to go toward the player when the player is near
-Rewrite of players physics
-Removed Run button
-Moving platform can be activated by a switch
-Moving platform activated by weight
-Switch on/off
-Stats in pause menu
-Added parallax background to desert map
-New map The forest

Files 15 MB
Feb 13, 2020
elementia.tar.gz 17 MB
Feb 13, 2020
Mac 0.0.5 17 MB
Feb 13, 2020

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