Version 0.0.4

Enemy stomping: You can now stomp skeletons (like mario) Knockback: when you punch skeletons they receive knockback
Moving platform, Level transition

New enemies: Cactus have a ranged attack, Sand Slimes New player spawn mechanic, It currently in it 1st implementation(a visual bug still to be fixed)
New ui element: Enemy combat information (his life for the moment)

A new environment the Desert
Also added armor and armor regenerating the armor remove half of the damage for the player and loose the amount of damage.
the armor regen itself after 5 seconds without a hit

gui is now appearing on all map
Upper door in cave 1 is now linked to the right door on level1

Files 11 MB
Jan 02, 2020
Mac 0.0.4 14 MB
Jan 02, 2020
linux0.0.4.tar 38 MB
Jan 02, 2020

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